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1.0.0 - 2020-02-27

Official release

  • Initial release of Abaddon.

1.2.0 2020-07-08


  • Added documentation.

1.3.0 2020-10-10


  • boost command.
  • badge command.
  • coub command.
  • phub command.
  • ask command.
  • channelinfo command.
  • permissions command.
  • quote command.
  • snipe command.
  • votelead command.
  • multiple fun commands.
  • config command (configure welcome and goodbye message).
  • disable command (disable a command or a group of commands).
  • enable command (enabled a disabled command or group of commands).
  • group command (display the status of command groups).
  • the possibility to use spotify links in the "playlist" & "myplaylist" commands.
  • the possibility to put an image in the embed command.
  • the documentation link in each embed title of the help command.
  • more security in moderation commands.
  • the possibility to have XP Boost in the new experience system.
  • the possibility to fetch a "random" member (on commands that require a member).
  • the argument "All" for the logs command.
  • prefix "aba" (e.g.: aba hug NiiRo).
  • perks by voting on top.gg :
    • 2000 coins to your bank account (an account is required use "!register" to open one).
    • 12 hours of xp boost.


  • ytmp3 command (did not work with some videos).
  • dlnp command (did not work with some videos).
  • nuke command (forgot some permissions if they were different from the category)
  • bulk delete logs (the link to see the deleted messages was not generated).
  • help command (displayed "multiple commands found" when you do !help info or !help xp).
  • emojilist command
  • some bugs in the "playlist" & "myplaylist" commands.
  • some bugs with the music system.
  • many little bugs.


  • experience system (totally reworked and added xp boost).
  • ip command (more infos, new API).
  • mute command (anti perms-bypass BETA).
  • logs command (easier and faster to use).
  • error command (errors are now sent to a support server's channel).
  • suggestion command (suggestions are now sent to a support server's channel).
  • love command (new design, you can now pass 2 usernames).
  • all experience commands (adapted to the new xp system).
  • rank card (redesigned).


  • clear command.
  • image commands.
  • userinfo command.
  • hosting performances.
  • structure.
  • message handling.
  • music system.
  • many codes.


  • max volume to 100 instead 120.
  • bank system (the bank is now the same on all servers).
  • bin for bulk delete logs (hastebin to sourcebin).


  • translate command.
  • coinslead command.

1.3.1 - 2020-10-26


  • nospam command (disable the vote confirmation message).
  • plsspam command (enable the vote confirmation message)
  • argument "all" to the "remove" command to clear the queue


  • Music (skipped the whole queue if a song was not available).
  • remove command (removed the wrong song).
  • config command (disabled image by default).

1.3.2 - 2020-11-02


  • ayoutube command (YouTube stream/video upload announcement).


  • quote (did not recognize discord web app links)


  • play / playlist command (better link parsing)

1.3.3 - 2020-11-10


  • play / playlist (bug with spotify links)

1.3.4 - 2020-11-21


  • giveaway commands (gcreate, gdelete, gedit, greroll, gstart, gstop).
  • move command (Change the position of a song in the queue).
  • unban logs (into ban logs).
  • unban command.
  • translate command.
  • banlist command.
  • membercount command and system.
  • documentation command.
  • support command.


  • play command :
    • Added local file, http song link and twitch support (e.g: mp3/4 file, webradio etc..).
    • Reading spotify links faster.
  • Twitch announce system (Edit the embed message instead of sending another one when the stream title changes).
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