Twitch announce

Configure the Twitch Announcer

Send a message to the defined channel when a streamer is live.

Set a announcement channel

Announcements will be sent to this channel when a streamer is live

!atwitch set <textChannel>

ex: !atwitch set #Twitch-notif

Add a streamer

!atwitch add <twitchUsername>

ex: !atwitch add Pewdiepie

You can add up to 5 twitch users

Remove a streamer

!atwitch remove <twitchUsername | twitchUserID>

ex: !atwitch remove pewdiepie !atwitch remove 45724544

Registered Twitch users & IDs can be found in the !atwitch status command.

Edit announce message

Change the message that will be sent when a streamer is live

!atwitch message <text w/ messageUtil?>

The messageUtil are words which will be replaced by the data of the live.

Message util

Replaced by


Twitch user name


Twitch channel link


Live's game


Live's viewer

ex: !atwitch message Hey @everyone! {user_name} is on live! !atwitch message {user_name} is live , check it out here {user_link} !atwitch message {user_name} is live on {game} with {viewers} viewers

You can of course formulate the sentences as you wish.

An exemple :

Disable twitch announce

!atwitch disable

Twitch announce Status

!atwitch status

This command allows you to see the channel defined for announcements, registered twitch users and announcement message.

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