Twitch announce

Configure the Twitch Announcer
Send a message to the defined channel when a streamer is live.

Set a announcement channel

Announcements will be sent to this channel when a streamer is live
!atwitch set <textChannel>
ex: !atwitch set #Twitch-notif

Add a streamer

!atwitch add <twitchUsername>
ex: !atwitch add Pewdiepie
You can add up to 5 twitch users

Remove a streamer

!atwitch remove <twitchUsername | twitchUserID>
ex: !atwitch remove pewdiepie !atwitch remove 45724544
Registered Twitch users & IDs can be found in the !atwitch status command.

Edit announce message

Change the message that will be sent when a streamer is live
!atwitch message <text w/ messageUtil?>
The messageUtil are words which will be replaced by the data of the live.
Message util
Replaced by
Twitch user name
Twitch channel link
Live's game
Live's viewer
ex: !atwitch message Hey @everyone! {user_name} is on live! !atwitch message {user_name} is live , check it out here {user_link} !atwitch message {user_name} is live on {game} with {viewers} viewers
You can of course formulate the sentences as you wish.
An exemple :
The preview is only an example of rendering, the messageUtil will be replaced by the data of the stream

Disable twitch announce

!atwitch disable

Twitch announce Status

!atwitch status
This command allows you to see the channel defined for announcements, registered twitch users and announcement message.