Additional Informations

The origins?

My name is Abaddon and I am developed by NiiRσ. Just a bored guy from France, developed in JavaScript (Node.js) he started to learn it at the end of September 2019.

Who is Abaddon?

The name Abaddon means "destruction". This name is used as a proper name to designate the exterminating angel in the Apocalypse

Do you have support?

Yes, you can use the following commands to report an error or make a suggestion : !error or !suggest . Or you can also join our Discord server HERE.

Is there a beta tester program and what is this for?

Yes there are, it is used to test possible new functionality of the bot and to report possible bugs, to participate you just have to join the support server and make your request to a member of the staff.

What is the "Contributor" role on the support server?

The "contributor" role is attributed to the people who helped the development of the bot via these four means: - Top 10 of the ranking of votes on top.gg. - Added the bot on several servers (without cheating). - Having found several bugs on the bot. - Having made several suggestions which have been added.

What do I gain by making a donation?

First know that you are not encouraged to do so, you are under no circumstances obligated to donate.

It will give you the role of "Donor" as well as "Beta tester" on the server and access to the beta features of the bot. Your suggestions and requests for bot support will take priority, after which it will also give you VIP access to the bot. All of this money will be used to help pay for the hosting server.

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